Union with the Divine is a culmination of infinite synchronicity between the Self and the Eternal Lover. 


Soul Whispers

As you read through, or watch the video blog entries, take time to listen inward. The heart hears what it needs to receive. Relax inside and open to the moment.

Your emails truly inspire many of my posts. Keep sharing your thoughts and feelings, and together we will co-create a new reality based on Love and Acceptance.

New Beginnings


Thank you for visiting my new-found adventures in the world of Blogging. This is the place where spiritual inspirations come alive and are recorded for your perusal and contemplation. Feel free to play along with me as I explore my reflections of the Divine.


This was taken from the movie Overboard.
….”We are all born into one station of life. You’ve had the rare privilege of escaping your station. What you choose to do with that information is up to you."


In 1988 a most incredible experience happened to, and with, me.
The “station” I was born into was dramatically changed. While everything on the outside remained as I had always known it, (predicable and reliable), a sudden shift in consciousness blew the cover off of everything that I believed existed.

How does one describe this shift?

Describe the indescribable??

That is what I will attempt to do through the medium of this blog.


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Thank You.

Jane Anderson-Ross

If you are interested in hearing an interview detailing the highlights of my life that lead up to my awakening and transformation, go to Batgap.com and type my name in the search bar. I am interview #319. At Batgap.com you'll find video dialogues with ordinary awakening people.

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