What Truly Is

We are not expanding into, “Who we truly are”, or “What we truly are”.

These are separation.

We are expanding into, “What Truly Is“!


  1. Dear Jane
    Your interview with Rick Archer truly touched my soul. I have just recently reconnected with my inner divinity. It wasn’t so much the content to that which was spoken but how it was delivered by you in such a loving way that compelled me to write to you.
    You mention the fires that one lives through which teaches us. I completely agree with that statement. I can only suppose the Angels watching over me must think of me as a divine arsonist. My fires have been many. I will not burden your life with details, as what is important for me to convey is how much your story touched my heart. I can unabashedly say that ” I love your soul” for showing mine that it is ok to open up to love.
    I am experiencing an awakening and have no one socially to share with. I want so badly to have communion with people but oneness is not accepted where I live. When expressing, to my therapist, my desires to share this new found passion with others he simply replied,”good luck with that” implying I would surely be disappointed. I am not going to be deterred as I am allowing my self to intuitively listen to my inner voice to follow this direction.
    In meditation and contemplation I will be asking for guidance in this process. I know I will be shown the way, as you have been shown yours. I am following your lead and approaching through the path of love.
    You’re a beautiful soul Jane and I love you. Thank you for bringing your love into this world for all to see. My prayer is your message spreads through out humanity so people can see the true path is “love.” I hope this message finds you well. My prayers are with you, your family (especially your cousin) and all the beautiful people whose souls cry out for healing.
    You have a wonderful gift Jane. Let it grow wings and soar. People need to hear you. I pray God shows you a comfortable way to do that. Thank you for sharing with Rick, it has inspired me. With all my love, Donald J Manke


    1. Thank you for writing! I recognize your awakening! Your freedom to express your journey, your fires, and how Love manifests is exquisite! I share gratitude with you for this Grace that is awakening in your heart, and also that you speak of it so freely! How can we not help but express the overflowing abundance of Love that flows through us? Let its radiance shine dear Donald!


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