Time Away

Do we need time away from God so that we can grow more in love?

Recently I re-read a journal entry. It said, “…new clothes, a new journal, gifts for others…”.
It was a night out to shop on my own without my young daughter…

…to grow more in love with her???

I thought about it and something dawned on me…

When I am in “the flat zone,” (feeling disconnected from Source), could I also be growing more in love?

Just as we let our children go off in the world to learn and grow on their own, (sometimes through difficulty), they often come to appreciate all that we have given to them.
They know we are always there, but we have to let them struggle a little to receive the lesson. Are they growing more in love?

In the first paragraph I described a nice evening out for myself, then returning to my sweet little daughter.
It’s easy to see how that would refresh me and be able to give more to her.

But, what if our personal time is not so refreshing….. physical pain, emotional distress, etc…?? Are we still growing in love?

Then I found this in my journal….

Union is a reflection of eternal intimacy uninterrupted by time or circumstance.
In Union nothing distracts the Lover from the beloved.
Even if darkness pervades, the relationship will never perish.
It has become a Love that echos admist all strife, unbeknownst to separated self. 
The Lover and the beloved are one. 

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