The Ego Nature

Those who face their egoic nature and its strongholds will show up authentically, and the authenticity will cast the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance.

When we come from the heart, the ego will rescind, and take up its bridle, like the horses that drive the coach of the Spirit.

It will be the happiest and most harmonious in this role because it does not contain the wisdom to lead the way!


  1. Dear Jane,
    This afternoon (Saturday April 2nd) I watched your conversation with Rick on Buddha at the Gas Pump and enjoyed it enormously. The love shines out of you in your ongoing acceptance of whatever arises.

    After watching and listening I was thinking about some of the many issues that you addressed and had the thought you have no doubt had many times, in fact it is undoubtedly what you live, namely :” We live in an energy field that is an extreme abundance of love.” However, most of us just can’t seem to connect with it. And of course to connect we just need to surrender; for many of us that is unimaginable. But as “A Course in Miracles” says “You need do nothing.” I interpret that as “the NEED is NOT to do anything.” That is what you were reminding us.

    Thank you, with love,
    John Smallman


    1. Thank you John,

      I received your post while contemplating how exciting it is to know that serving with love, in any situation, plows through the barriers of seeming limitation…which, in essence, is there to teach us. Our surrender of even 1 drop of love, (if that’s all we can muster), against that which oppresses us, becomes a million drops by the sheer willpower of that Love!


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