Here are some early morning thoughts:

Why is it that we need to be impressed?

Life is God’s impression of love!

In the simple is the profound.

Too many words smother what “is”.

When contemplating these few sentences above, this sweet poem came to me….

We already know,
   why try to define?
The answer is,
    it satisfies the mind.
The mind is the vehicle,
    that takes us home.
By countless reeling,
    that doesn’t leave us alone.
Until at last,
     the silence we seek.
Reflected from above,
     and seen in the meek.
Why are we so busy,
     that we miss the truth?
Why does love seem to us,
     so aloof?
The answer is the same,
     it’s simple and profound.
Our essence is “All”,
and “All” is all around.

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