Sea of Love

Everything you have been given is a reflection of Love.

And you see it not….
If you were cast into a thousand seas of Love you would build a boat of self-loathing, and upon that sea you would float.
But if you knew that you are made of that Love, you would leave your boat and happily sink into It’s ocean.

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  1. Oh, how beautifully spoken!
    Rush to judgement has us float instead of sink, leaving us to navigate the surface, a dwelling place where only bits and pieces can be gathered in an attempt to truly live.
    The perception of a shattered surface can only offer an attempted Life where forgetting our depths, our ocean, appears normal.
    Listening to the depths, sinking into the misgivings of an abandoned life, allowing the unknown to take us, sparks the light that can guide us to happily sink … and then sink some more … and then sink some more … and then sink some more …

    thank you, Jane!


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