Run Away From This Love

Run away from this Love,
This Love that burns through all held desires.
Its fires are unbearable to that which holds and bears the world and its constructs.
Run away from seeking to be embraced by this Holy Love;
For it is a vicious and greedy Fire that consumes for all eternity, if you cast your soul upon it!
It causes you to grasp for your very human life lest it sweep it away;
For meaningless and insignificant is life in comparison.
Hold on to the body, because in one blink you may be consumed.
I am torn between this world and the next.
I am a victim of Love, without a home in this world,
And yet cool and apart from the Holy Fires.
And I am also pulled by Heaven’s embers to burn in Love’s vacuum.
Neither is suitable to me.
One will consume me, taking my breath away.
The other will allow me a brief moment of coolness, as I slow down and settle in the direction that we are all heading.
Grace allows us time, and this body to cool, as we gradually make our way back to this greedy Love that wants it for Itself.
We think, as we often do, that we are doing something to return, when all along It is inhaling us home.
One cannot imagine a Love so fierce that Its flames are painful.
Ecstasy is not always a good thing when it is amplified beyond our own musing or fantasy!
It is more real than we know.
And we are like children who imagine they can drive a car only to get behind the wheel and crash.
I am fighting such ecstasy to stay here, and to go slowly toward the inevitable Love that is burning my tethers as It wishes.
Fighting away Ecstasy that others are fighting for!
I say, “Run away!”,… And please have mercy on us and do not consume us as quickly as YOU wish.
Because the pain of your love is beyond the small desire of your children who know You not.
Leave us to wrestle around here in this state so we can slowly acclimate to Your all-consuming Love for us.


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