Peace, Stillness, Silence.. (A musing)

Dear Peace,

We have journeyed well, like a silent movie entitled “me”. All along I have known You, and You were there in the silence that surrounds my heartbeats. You were there in the chatter of life, and I heard You laugh when I tried to pin you down. You are all that is, and always nearer than near.

Peace, You are most elusive when I need You most, and then I sense You when I open…

In my openness, I know all that is unknown.┬áThere You live presently alive, outside of my grasping! I fall freely…landing nowhere…where You reside. You are in the collapse, and You are the never ending volition.

Keep me, as I keep You. Journey with me, as I accept my nature. Give me rest, as I live an active life.

I hear You as Silence…… and Stillness is Your friend. We all live in one house now. We share our life with others, so they may abide with us. Teach us along the way with your refreshing nature. Remind us how You are the lift…as we swing upward…and how You help us gather our breath while we free-fall back into the unknown.

Soon we will all be together, and we will recall Your many absences in the songs of our life.




  1. I saw you at the interview, at the batgap, It is difficult to make friends and I am always asking me why? but reading this blog makes me think to be more in tune with the quiet moment that comes with not being too social, and I love people and respond when they have something spiritual to say, when they see me right away, on the inside, not everyone has this gift, I learn that only deep minds do, no need to be awaken, sometimes people are deep.
    Thank you,


    1. Hi Norma,
      Thank you for your response. I feel that in our true nature we “see” each being for who they are on the inside! Some see this easier then others. The clearer we perceive, the more we see ourselves in everyone…and we rest as ourselves in the moment.


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