It’s Ok

You are upset.
What you personally feel is valid.
Don’t deny the Beauty of your own sacred feelings.
…Play out their sounds,
…Dance out their movements,
…Create a ceremony with your feelings.
Give thanks for the gift that those feelings share with you
Release them into this wild world that is very diverse.


  1. Hi. I have just seen the intervju at Buddha at the gas pump in 2015.
    I recognice my self in this. It was beutyful and healing. I am in dark places in my life no but the light is also shining trough. Like I am dying into a complete different reality. I had a awakening experiance in 1993 . Thank you for reminding me to dance and sing and find ways to express. I already do but I find support in your words. Like I feel a connection. Love and hope that you are well in your life. Wonder how your life is now, after the years that have past since 2015?


    1. Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for your response. I like your sentence, “Like I am dying into a completely different reality.”
      Life is what it is here since 2015. It has days and nights and all the experiences we need to live, love and grow in Love!


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