I could have never known

During my transformation/deeper awakening, I desperately wanted someone to speak with, or to help me integrate my experience. That desire was enough of a prompt to inwardly feel assistance. I felt enveloped with Prana…a calm knowing…and sweet powerful Love. From that connection, wellness and integration occurred. The newly formed “I” emerged innately from within the little “self”, (my former self that I knew as me); like a newly born chick hatching from it’s shell. The eggshells were now around me, and I was no longer them, but aware of their presence. Then I relaxed and laid back while the shells dissolved, carried away by the rustling of new life and the surrounding breeze. Even now at times, I desire and reach out for “Other” to answer me, to hold me. But then I find “Other” in the beauty of all of life’s expressions. And I know inherently that what I desire, lies within an unfolding that I cannot know. Though I peck and peck at my shell, it is not I who is pecking, or me who knows what I am pecking towards. Because when I am free, I arrive in a way I could never have known.

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  1. I recently commented on batgap by email that I love the work he’s doing and as feedback shared my “near obsession” about people cherry picking scripture and often quoting Jesus while simultaneously dismissing it all as myth. I pointed out that it’s unlikely that some of these passages could be attributed to lower consciousness. I pleaded that they must know true believers that are knowledgeable in scripture. Irene told me about the Christian interview page and your interview is located there. I will listen but somehow I don’t think 🤔 you would consider yourself a Christian that is a follower of Jesus Christ.


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