Crossing the Threshold

Do not worry. Just let IT test you. Remain calm, as calm as you can be. There is no failure. Like the seed that breaks through the soil, everything eventually transforms into something else.

Lay your burdens down. Keep turning them over. You are seen as you come to the threshold. Your desires are already known.

God is bathing you, and bathing you, and bathing you, as you near the holy fire.

your annihilation is the purification needed to enter the heavenly realms. Be brave as your ego dies. Fix your eye on the destination…., your arrival, into the “YOU”, the “YOU” you always were and did not know!

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  1. This totally speaks to my heart. And is exactly what I needed to hear, as you well know, for where I am right now. Thank you for posting this!

    Much love to you.



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