Grief melts the boundaries we have created for ourselves….. We allow ourselves to travel in and out of the body, knowing there is nothing unforgivable whist we do so. We […]

When we acknowledge God within each other, The Divine is revealed in the World Separation Disappears…. God Appears!

Grace is purely innocent, “non-knowing” that one is no longer separate from the love that they are.

When there is worry, there is still someone there. Until there is no one to worry.

I sat in meditation. When I opened my eyes, I saw a tree growing into the side of the hill. It appeared to be growing crooked, because it was rooted […]

John F. Nash Jr., a mathematician whose work on the nature of strategy and negotiation changed modern economics and whose personal struggles with mental illness touched millions, died Saturday in a car crash together […]

Perhaps ask to not know. The Great Processor will purify for the The Great Processor’s purposes alone, and not for our purposes. We must honor the steps that unfold. Seeking […]