Small wonder how one imagines the indescribable. But imagine we must! It’s all we have that enlivens hope! Hope we must, because it is the hope of free falling into […]

Life is movement. We move with it as it ebbs and flows. And in that is the freedom. Watch it rise, and watch it fall, And watch it begin and […]

You are upset. What you personally feel is valid. Don’t deny the Beauty of your own sacred feelings. …Play out their sounds, …Dance out their movements, …Create a ceremony with […]

During my transformation/deeper awakening, I desperately wanted someone to speak with, or to help me integrate my experience. That desire was enough of a prompt to inwardly feel assistance. I […]

While in a sleep state last night, I had spoken this to my husband; “Everything that is happening is fulfilling The One’s desire; …even in the minutest expression.”

In the presence of the clarity of an awakened being, there is an activation that occurs without interruption. “Its” Presence elicits a direct response with, or without, the spoken word.