As It Wills

When Awake……….. Divine Wisdom follows the path of least resistance as the awakened Self.  It is as like a current that makes “Its” way, as “It” wills.

To move the boulders of Ego that block the current….be mindful.  Ask yourself, what is the Ego?  Who is it that wants something, and for what gain?  Begin to notice how the ego holds tension. It can be tricky. Ego will explain how it is worthy to be the driver of your chariot. But again, you will begin to notice the misery that “it” is still running the show!

One cannot surrender while actively resisting. Surrender “Your” will and “Your” wants, then let go. Surrender to the eternal ALL! Then “That”, which “Is, Was, and Always Will Be,” will act as the bulldozer that crushes the Ego to pieces, while you watch in awe!

What remains are the pieces of the boulder that may try to regain their Egoic form. But the current will be strong, and Divine Wisdom will teach you about your old life of Ego driven existence, as you merge into One Being to become a servant to the greatest existence one can know! All life will appear as it truly is…… and you will dance freely amidst it!


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