A Mother’s Prayers

I come from You, You come from Me,

We carry on eternity,

Don’t you worry, you’re not alone,

I hear your sounds, I hear your tone.

Rest inside my Loving Heart,

Where you belong and never part.

You know me, and I know you,

I gave you life,

You gave me you.

I’m the one who shares your beat,

We are One, We are Complete.

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  1. Dear Jane, I am very glad to have listened to your interview on batgap. Now, I feel as if you are a dear friend. Thank you for being so very genuine. I love your poems. I sent both “A mothers prayer and
    “My heart tells me” to my adult children saying that I couldn’t put my feelings in better words and my subject line read;
    “Love from another mother” Five years ago I started focusing on me and the many questions of my existence. At this time my only companionship is “Batgap” which I am grateful for. I have never felt compelled to contact any of the people Rick has interviewed before you. I wish I had a friend like you in my day to day life. Thank you for being so gracious and so true while being interviewed … May Love continue to flow from you and grace those around you.

    Love and light always,

    Denise Cartier, Michigan


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