During my transformation/deeper awakening, I desperately wanted someone to speak with, or to help me integrate my experience. That desire was enough of a prompt to inwardly feel assistance. I […]

While in a sleep state last night, I had spoken this to my husband; “Everything that is happening is fulfillingĀ The One’s desire; …even in the minutest expression.”

In the presence of the clarity of an awakened being, there is an activation that occurs without interruption. “Its” Presence elicits a direct response with, or without, the spoken word.

When we lean on Man for our strength, and on our own mind for reasoning… There can be a disrupter. And the disrupter is there so that we will not […]

I am the Sapphire stretched cross the sky, A place for sister star, a home for light to shine. I am the blackness that shows you the white, I am […]

I come from You, You come from Me, We carry on eternity, Don’t you worry, you’re not alone, I hear your sounds, I hear your tone. Rest inside my Loving […]

When your soul feels unheard, when you cannot find the words, My Heart tells me. I know when you are feeling down, when you’re wandering round and round, A little […]