Moments of awakening happen for all of us! Awakening is those moments when the suffering dissipates! ……watching a sunset, closing your eyes and feeling the breeze, walking quietly in nature, […]

Grace comes from service and humility, while in surrender…. not from trying to receive something from somewhere.

The copious ego will cleverly disguise itself to avoid its collapse! Invite it’s many facades…… while watching it with the sharp eye of the eagle that hunts for its prey!

Those who face their egoic nature and its strongholds will show up authentically, and the authenticity will cast the light that dispels the darkness of ignorance. When we come from […]

By their very nature, Awakened beings are the numerator in the cosmic equation of love…..By their very presence they affect the quantum field.

What satisfies the mind? Nothing “needs” to happen, for it is all “happenings”. God’s children, or consciousness, push and pull to continue creative play. And like a good Parent, Patience “allows” […]

Awakening is understanding the premise of what constitutes our realities, while deliberately dancing within it!