December 2015

Be Willingness to take on what’s right in front of you with an inner smile and an open heart, ……..and then,  go the extra mile  

If I am still here, then I remain as God wishes; eternally accepting my unending demise. ………….with a timeline unknown, unwanted, and unawaited.

God finds Itself where we are in any moment. And when It moves in us, we become aware to the extent It wishes to see Itself, seeing Itself….. Every awakening […]

Once a pure-hearted surrender is realized, the unending wish is to Eternally Surrender…. “God take every bit of me…… and if it causes Eternal Pain, I welcome it as I welcome […]

The Dark nights breed patience, and your love shows the patience you’ve gained. Wait for the reply lovingly and patiently…. Those dark nights, oh those dark nights! You only see […]

While reflecting on my sleepless nights during Awakening… Imagine being so filled with Divine Love and Absolute Intimacy, as if two lovers staring into each other’s eyes….bathing….and fading into Eternity…..

I raise my heart up when I suffer…. And sometimes I just collapse…. I accept and allow what is transpiring and regard it as birth pains that bring me nearer […]

The misnomers of our relationship with God….. We presume that God should come and sweep us up, like a Mother does a child. ….And yet….. It happens!

Everything you have been given is a reflection of Love. And you see it not…. If you were cast into a thousand seas of Love you would build a boat […]