May 2015

Perhaps ask to not know. The Great Processor will purify for the The Great Processor’s purposes alone, and not for our purposes. We must honor the steps that unfold. Seeking […]

Do we need time away from God so that we can grow more in love? Recently I re-read a journal entry. It said, “…new clothes, a new journal, gifts for […]

The Fires of Love burn slow, with patience and divine order. Affirmation: When I am filled with the presence of God, I no longer have need, or want, for the […]

The dark night of the soul is being with God in a different way…..   (For Karen) Lo though I walk among the briars and thorns, Tho’ the road is […]

Here are some early morning thoughts: Why is it that we need to be impressed? Life is God’s impression of love! In the simple is the profound. Too many words […]

Welcome. Thank you for visiting my new-found adventures in the world of Blogging. This is the place where spiritual inspirations come alive and are recorded for your perusal and contemplation. Feel free to […]